It was news that a certain class of video game fans was waiting to hear for years. The much-awaited game Half-Life is back in VR. Fans had started losing hope thinking that this news would never come. They were not wrong also in losing hope as twelve years have passed since the release of Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

But, it’s better late than never and Valve confirmed that a new Half-Life title is in the works and will come as an entirely new game from the series. It is called Half-Life: Alyx. The titular ‘Alyx’ refers to Alyx Vance. This character was introduced in Half-Life 2 and was seen last time more than a decade back in 2007’s Episode 2. 

The upcoming game will be played from his perspective only. There is also high speculation that things would not step forward in time; instead, it will take you back to the period lying between the first two mainline Half-Life games.

Though not much has been revealed so far about this new game, one thing that is confirmed is that it will be a virtual reality game as Valve is referring it to as their “flagship VR game”. A teaser was dropped by the company about this game and promised that more details would be released about the same shortly. Fans are waiting to see where this new game fits in the game’s timeline. Hopefully, some clues will be given soon.

When Half-Life 2 was released years back, it was loved by people as it was the world’s first major physics adventure game revolving around a clever Gravity Gun system. There is some indication that the upcoming game Half-Life: Alyx will follow the suit.

Many of you must have lost track of the series as it came long back. The series was launched in 1998 with a storyline that the Black Mesa Research Institute lost the Combine: an alien race onto our planet. Then came its sequel years later, which saw a network of resistance fighters and researchers working to take out its invasion and domination of Earth. There was also a human-fronted organization that surrendered or succumbed to the Combine’s control.

In both of these games, Gordon Freeman was seen as a silent protagonist. It is expected that in the upcoming new VR game things will get mixed up by putting you in Alyx’s shoes.


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