Oh my goodness! I am very scared about Spiders as they are like nightmares for me and also for many. But here an Australian scientist is more passion about Spiders which has led to the discovery of seven new species of “Cute Spiders.”

An Australian Scientists find a new peacock spider with eight-legged arachnids. The commonly referred peacock spider falls under “Maratus Splendens” of the family Salticidae, due to their colorful abdominal flaps they called as “Peacock Splendens.”

The Sydney biologist Jurgen Otto is very much enthusiastic about the Arch with the discovery of a new set of “cute spiders,” which are beautiful, colorful and playful. They are believed to exhibit behavior like cats and dogs rather than like a regular spider and the number reached to 48 i.e. the number of species discovered.

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While walking through Ku-ring-gai Chase national park, Sydney north, when he first came across, Otto told the Guardian “I am always looking on the ground when I walk around, mostly for mites and other small things, and I almost stepped on this little spider. That’s what started my passion.”

Describing the spiders is between three to five mm long and belongs to Salticidae family. “It is important to document all of these spiders and their behavior, and he just wanted to make a public record where he dedicated a spare bedroom to his “spider work Otto mentioned.

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For more details on International jumping spider journal Peckhamia on Sunday, Dr. Otto’s day job is to study on mites at Dept of Agriculture and Water Resources.


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