The “Made by Google” devices received a lot of success whether it was their Pixel phones that are loved universally or Chromecast. Google’s home devices are also extremely popular. The only device that was lacking all this attention and love was Google Pixel C tablet. The major reason that it was lacking all the attention was that it didn’t have Google Assistant on it.


Google has finally decided to mend its mistake and equip Pixel C  with this assistant. The latest update enables it on Pixel C.


Initially, Google Assistant was available only on Pixel devices barring Pixel C tablet. Later, it was rolled on to all Android devices, but Pixel C was still in the waiting queue. Finally, the wait is over for this Google tablet. The assistant will pop up in the same manner as it does on smartphones from the bottom third of the screen. It has the ability to speak or type users’ commands. Its lens feature is, however, missing.


The Pixel C tablet was released way back in December 2015. It made use of the Pixel moniker, which was until then reserved exclusively for the company’s high-end Chromebooks. There was a strong rumour back then that Google might merge Android and Chromebooks into a single OS. Nothing of that sort happened and the company cleared in the following year that it would use the Pixel name for its smartphones and other devices.


It is now official that Pixel C will get Google Assistant and this artificial intelligence-aided search assistant will respond to type or voice as per its usual self.