Lenovo has officially declared the end of producing Vibe Phones in India. Ever since Lenovo acquiring Motorola, products are performing well even with the parental company brand.

Lenovo’s latest brand re-organisation of the mobile range has decided to drop the Vibe brand. However, Lenovo Vibe brand gradually moving down over the past few month is also another reason accredited for the same.

“Today Tech that Lenovo wants to send clear messaging to consumers as far as its products are concerned. This has led to the company overhauling its brand strategy,” says, Jan Huckfeldt, Vice President, Global Marketing & Communications, Lenovo Mobile Group and Motorola.

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On the other hand, Lenovo is cutting down the dual-brand strategy in the global phone market. Also, the company is planning to launch only Moto-branded phones in most of the global markets. The company believes that the Brand Moto hopes to cash in on the legacy of Motorola which is more recognizable. Besides that, it also hopes to create a youthful brand image of fun, funky and lively.

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This hints that Lenovo-brand will be retired in most of the markets across the world, be it Vibe series or ZUK series. However, Indian market gets an exception from this but not the Lenovo Vibe phones again.

“In India, we have seen that the two brands are doing well. Although we will not launch any Vibe phones anymore, in India there will be some Lenovo-branded phones,” says Huckfeldt. “In India, we have seen that there is no cannibalisation (between the Moto and Lenovo phones) and that the two brands complement each other,” he added.

Lenovo is narrowing the product lineup with less number of phones. Although Lenovo Vibe gets discontinued, Lenovo K phones or Note phones will be available for sale in India. Interestingly, Lenovo Vibe has gained huge attention in the budget market while Moto phones attract with features and prices.

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