Tron Virtual Machine’s initial version was launched worldwide on May 25th, 2018. As reported, the initial stages are supposed to be totally compatible with the well-known Ethereum virtual machines.

The developers who are specifically working on Ethereum will further be capable of using certain programming languages to create codes, develop, debug, and compile the smart contract in a similar environment.

As of now, Tron Virtual Machine’s official version will be launched on July 31st, which will easily allow the developers to create and develop applications that will directly impact Ethereum in the long run. This year marks the starting of superior performing ecosystem that is decentralized, as quoted by Justin Sun, the founder of the TVM.

Once a dream, now decentralized applications have transformed into reality and comprises of a pretty solid infrastructure with blockchain developers and explorers and a wallet for the said platform. Tron network currently enjoys a solid user base of over 100 million and the migration from the traditional network to the decentralized Tron network will take place shortly.

The top performing decentralized digital currency exchanges, which are currently on Ethereum, are definite about joining the Tron network. As per the current game plan, the founder of TVM is expecting an addition of about 100 users on a monthly basis.

All the main exchanges have extended their support for Tron, which is now trying to be independent of the Ethereum Network. “So, Stay tuned! We plan to finish the basic infrastructure for a decentralized ecosystem in Q3 and to become the world’s largest decentralized protocol in Q4,” declared Justin.


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