Kerala government is using the technology to remove the corruption from the society and in that process they have launched two mobile applications which kill the corruption in the state

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has introduced two mobile applications named ‘Arising Kerala’ and ‘Whistle Now’ on occasion of the International anti-corruption day

He also said “We had taken this step to eradicate corruption completely in the society. With the coordination of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Bureau we created this Anti Corruption mobile application”

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Arising Kerala

Raise your voice against corruption. This app is developed by Vigilance, anti-corruption department and Kerala government. This app is providing platform to show the corruption happening in the state. Users have the facility to upload the audio, video related to corruption, automatically that media file will be sent to authorities, and immediate action will be taken.

Whistle blow

This Whistle blow is providing mobile platform for the people to fight against corruption. They have started the anti-corruption campaign through this application, and it is the world first app which has been introduced to drive the corruption away from the society. By this app, you can blow whistles and expose any information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical and govt will take actions on it.

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Mr.Vijayan also stated, “Don’t tolerate any unlawful or criminal activity, inform immediately to the government through this app, an immediate action will be taken.”

We have to appreciate the Kerala government for making a move to eliminate corruption from the society and soon we can have a 100% clean state.