A desperate 20-year-old girl, Katherine Stone, resident of Washington announced to sell her virginity at Moonlite Bunny Ranch legal brothel.

The reason that she stated for selling her virginity is being severely criticized by many women across the country and globe.

Her house in Seattle was completely burned out in the year 2014. The entire family has been houseless now, and they could not claim the insurance amount. To come out of this financial crisis, she judged her controversial decision to be correct.

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Many women expressed their opinion that one should share her body only for the first time love. But Katherine Stone refuses to the argument and plans for a legal brothel auction £325,000.

She has also claimed her decision to be correct and said that the love for her family made her to take the decision. In this way she has answered the women who are criticizing her to share her body for first love.

Katherine also questioned the system as who is responsible for her financial crisis. To start with, she said that she came to know about legal brothel on Facebook. After doing some research she contacted Dennis Hof. He is the owner of Nevada’s 19 legal brothels. He agreed to her plan.

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In turn, he has agreed her to bid for a 50% cut. An ad for this unusual auction is also aired. Now Katherine Stone lives at one of the sites that offers other than sex, “services to gentlemen who are seeking experiences”.

She has done some small, simple parties, massage parties, stuff at PG13. Bur somehow, there she did not find any satisfaction. Hence, she has chosen the legal brothel.

Katherine has a life ambition of becoming a lawyer. But before that she clarified that shoe would sell her body at the brothel even after virginity is sold off. She likes o spend at least five years in the paid sex world.


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