Using smileys and emojis in our regular conversations makes the discussions more inquisitive, attractive and effective. However, it all depends on the type of emojis that we use. India is a diversified country and an all in all package which is made of multiple celebrated cultures, heritages, languages and lifestyles. Like how we Indians speak different languages, we also use different emojis to emote all that we want to communicate while we do it electronically. Also, it is interesting to note that just like the different sects of people live in the country, there are different sets of emojis used to communicate too.

Emojis stand beyond words in our today’s lives and for them, we have created a place, which is very close to our hearts. The emojis make our job of messaging a tad bit easier and enables our feelings to get better expressed. Inspired by and dedicated to all those who chat, talk and text the whole time, world emoji day is being celebrated today, i.e on 17th of July. Ever since 2014, this day is especially dedicated for all the emoji lovers who can’t do away with the emojis at all. It was all created by Jeremy Burge, the founder of Emojiopedia and since then it has been widely used all over till date.

While a lot of people employ emojis to talk all that needs to be communicated, a few people feel that emojis pay a pausing stop for the survival of the language; some feel that smileys substitute words whereas, few more think that usage of emojis is funky, fashionable and stylish. Smileys were initially into the market during the days of 1995. They were given a very modest look and usage value. A colon followed by a closing bracket was more than enough to make a classy and typical smiley. Further, people used different symbols and their combinations to make sophisticated smileys expressing different emotions.

“It captures imagination in two ways- folklore and the modern graphic novel. It’s the new emotional shorthand. These are not hieroglyphics that need to be decoded. They are much simpler, its fun to use them and it shouldn’t be taken too seriously,” said the famous sociologist named Shiv Vishwanathan.


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