Recently, the widely used Messaging application WhatsApp has released its latest version 2.19.22  for the iPhone devices. This update was released to fix the bug that previously allowed anonymous people to surpass the Touch ID as well as the Face ID screen lock.

After releasing the latest version update, the developers suggested that users should immediately update their application in order to safeguard their privacy.

Before this update was released, WhatsApp was still accessible without activating Face or Fingerprint Unlock feature. After the update was released, developers reported that the security feature failed when the users happened to choose any other option rather than choosing “immediately”. Apparently, the bug was reported to be activated only when options like “after one minute” or “after fifteen minutes” or “one hour” are chosen to lock the messaging application. This bug is generally not activated if you choose the “immediate” option.

If you wish to make any changes to the screen lock settings, you can probably follow the setting WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy > Screen Lock to set up a Face ID lock or a TouchScreen Lock.

After identifying the bug in the application, various users reported via Reddit platform the ardent problems that were realized after opting for such settings in the Privacy Feature.

Fortunately, a spokesperson from WhatsApp confirmed that they have discovered the bug and additionally stated that their team of developers are working toward releasing a fix for the same very soon. True to their words, the update was shortly released after a while in the Apple App Store.

If you had stopped operating WhatsApp due to this feature then you can start using it right away as the application is absolutely  free of cost. From its first release, WhatsApp has transformed into one of the most reliable online messaging platform. Let us know your experience with the latest update. You can also choose to report any bug if you encounter any while using WhatsApp application.


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