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Government Decides to Provide Advance Salaries to Group- C Employees from this November

Following the demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, Bank employees are facing various troubles and due to long lines at ATMs and banks, this time Government has decided to pay Advance Salaries to Group-C employees from this November. The Government will have to pay salaries with new notes. Mentioning under the salary of November month, Government is giving Rs 10000 to employees of Group-c from this Monday.

A senior official from Home Ministry Dept said, “Nearly 1000 Group-C employees are working in Home Ministry department, and those are all getting Rs 10,000 advance salary. Group-C employees of all ministry departments and agencies’ associate organizations will have to get Rs 10000 advance salary in the form of notes.

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Now, after the instructions passed by the Union Ministry of Finance regarding the payment of advance wages to the employees, Tripura Government has responded quickly, and it has decided to pay Rs 10000 in cash to all non-Gazetted Group-C staff on November 24. Now Government employees of many states are demanding to pay their salaries in the form of money.

The notification issued by the state said the Government is ready to give the advance salary of Rs 10000 to the non-Gazetted employees whose net salary exceeds Rs 20000 in a month. And 50% of the monthly salary for those who earn less than Rs 20000.

“Fretful employees who wish to get the cash payment of advance salary in limit mentioned above will allow using the option on or before November 22. The Drawl and Disbursement Officer (DDO) will refund the amount concerning cash, and the remaining amount can deposit to the respective salary accounts”, the notification mentioned.

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The money also stated that the DDO would pull the cash according to the employees’ requirements. If someone fails to collect the cash in time, the concerned DDO will have to deposit the money in the bank within two days.

Chief Secretary YP Singh said that the decision has taken due to the ban of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes. The cash has to give to three lakh government employees may help in improving the circulation of money in the market.

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