At last Search Engine giant Google made an first step on what it had promised 9 months back. Yes Google had made its first move on bringing the instant apps live to its users.

The Instant apps Concept was first unveiled at last year’s Google I/O Conference. The main theme behind the Google’s instant apps is allowing user to know all the content in the app before installing it.

If the Instant app technology was introduced fully, then users have the advantage of selecting which app to download by having a real-time preview. This would help them to install the right application according to their need which in turn would save some time.

Google stated that they were testing the new technology on a limited number of smartphones. Depending on the results, the update bite-size will vary.

The early trail of the interesting technology will include popular apps like BuzzFeed,Periscope, Viki, and Wish. The Techgiant will expand its trail only after getting a good amount of positive feed back from the users.

Google on Android blogpost stated that “To develop an instant app, you’ll need to update your existing Android app to take advantage of Instant Apps functionality and then modularize your app so part of it can be downloaded and run on-the-fly. You’ll use the same Android APIs and Android Studio project. Today, you can also take some important steps to be ready for Instant Apps development. The full SDK will be available in the coming months.”


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