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Good Friday 2017: Today we are celebrating one of the holy days in the history. On occasion of this day we are giving Good Friday images. So please forward this Easter Friday wallpapers to all your friends.

Good Friday is observed for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. It is one of the saddest days in the history because on this day Jesus has left this world, and on this day total world is in mourning, everyone cried as heartbroken because this world is empty without Jesus presence.

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But after 3 days Jesus wake up and came back to the earth, on that day people celebrate that day as Easter. In history Good Friday is considered as one of the holy days. On this day Lord bears all the pain for us, he agonized on the cross for six hours. On the last moments, Jesus said My God, My God Why have you forsaken me.

Easter Friday

Jesus gave up the spirit with a loud cry. On that day earthquake has come, tombs broke open, and the curtain in the temple was torn from top to holies. According to Christian tradition, signified a removal of restriction of the ordinary Jews from the Temple’s “Holiest of Holies”, and God’s people communicate directly with their advocate before God, rather than needing the Temple’s High Priest as an intercessor. The centurion on guard at the place of crucifixion declared, “Truly this was God’s Son!”

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On this day, please forward this Good Friday images to their friends and family. Also, check the Good Friday quotes images, send this wonderful images to all your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook. Along with that images, please send your Good Friday Bible Verses pictures to all.

Good Friday Bible Verses

Decorate your mobiles, desktops with this Easter Friday wallpapers. Today is the day to offer our prayers to the God, and the Lord knows everything he will definitely listen to your prayers. Send this Holy Friday pictures to all your friends.

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Easter Friday Wallpapers

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