Adding to the several past revelations about the soon to be released Galaxy S11, the latest one is about its display. What has been discovered is an immensely attractive design which is bound to catch attention.

The revelation has come from covers provided to the producers of related accessories. What has come to light is a design that seems to have no bezels, none at all. This makes it very stylish and striking.  One thing that is still required in the screen protectors is a tiny punch hole right in the centre, presumably for the camera, which might be appealing to many. 

The rivals of Samsung have come out with a pop-out camera which requires motors with very delicate designs that have the potential of getting damaged with rough handling and very frequent usage. This makes the punch hole camera a better choice that is compact and hidden away.

The design of the new Galaxy S11 is said to have 120 Hz display and a fingerprint sensor that is much bigger than the previous versions. The resolution and the zoom are also expected to be delightful for the users. As 5G is expected to become standardised, the battery of the new S11 is also said to be enlarged to accommodate the usage. 

The headphone jacks will be gone from the Samsung phone, too. That is the one downside that could disappoint the users and will require them to move on to wireless headphones or opt for adapters. This is but a small negative as compared to the overall look and feel of the device. 

The phone is going to be released in early 2020, earlier than its previous versions and the audiences are waiting in anticipation. They have known the following details from the previous set of revelations which include:

  • 108 mega pixel camera
  • Snapdragon 865 chip from Qualcomm, the latest as expected
  • 5G connectivity 
  • 5,000mAh battery for the Plus. 3,800 and 4, 500 expected for the budget and the regular models.
  • A 6.2” or 6.4” screen for S11e, expected to be 6.7” and 6.9” for the regular and Plus models respectively
  • A rectangular camera module at the back which possibly includes a regular camera, and ultra-wide camera and a camera with a periscopic zoom lens. It is also expected to include a ToF sensor.

The impact on the banks .balance of the users will soon be known but the cost is not available as of now and you will need to wait for the final reveal.


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