Facebook Should Focus on Camera Centred Apps

Facebook strategy has provided a canvas for developers to paint however they want for a decade.  The progression of Consumer social networking has taken a turn from text update sharing to gaming to one of the core utilities to photo sharing now. Content creativity apps had taken the spotlight, and people are lagging interest in sharing the same old picture of their face, sunset or food. Users are interested in the apps which make them look unique, and this is the reason behind the apps Dubsmash, Prisma and Artisto.

Snapchat can be referred as the king of these creation tools. A single app for all. Photos, filters, videos, texts, emojis, bitmojis, drawing, 3D stickers, animated selfies, face swaps. By offering outlets, it is observed that the Snapchat community grown quickly.

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Facebook has become the most skilled and prolific copy-cat in software. This year it obtained Seene competitor MSQRD, launched Instagram stories by building a camera into the top of the newsfeed.  Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom agreed that Snapchat inspired Instagram Stories, and “They deserve all the credit.” Now, to bounce Snapchat and keep a good number of users from straying there, it has to stay fresh. The next big opportunity is to rally call as it did in earlier in games 2007, websites 2010, open graph 2011 and recent live video broadcasters this year. There is a need for Facebook to launch a new developer platform centred around the camera.

According to the April conference announcements, the Messenger Bot platform and Live video API made the major launches. Facebook released a Profile Expression Kit which allows the user to make special animations or to enhance the profile pictures using other apps like Boomerang, MSQRD, Vine. However, no one has experienced the Profile Expression Kit.

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“Neon (an Instagram Stories drawing tool), while a small example, is an example of where we want to take this product — where we think of really unique, creative ways of augmenting your photos that haven’t been done before and we use this platform just to go crazy with them. That’s what we’re looking to do.” Instagram’s CEO said.

Instead of trying to dream up every conceivable selfie filter, image modification and video effect, Facebook should get an ecosystem of devs to build them.


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