‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ is one among the most watched sports events of the year just like the old Super Bowl movie trailer. Cloverfield movies are rocking at a sharp speed with three films in 10 years. The movies are basically based on the case study in marketing.

In 2008, the logo of Bad Robot Production Company appeared on the market for the first time. The first Cloverfield begins with a man staring out of the window. Then things changed; cosmic debris and chaos ensuing were shown where a woman directly pops up directly in front of the camera saying ‘stop’. And now here is the real punch that you have just watched. Cloverfield Paradox is the multi-titled, rumored and much-awaited teaser. It is the third film by Cloververse and Twitter has decided to share the series throughout the world this week.

Ballyhoo is engaged in this exciting series from the very first day just after J.J. Abrams, the producer released trailer of a movie in July 2007, which was produced in the East Village of New York.

It’s very good news that now you don’t need to wait for weeks to watch it at the theatre. Rather, you can watch it on Netflix even by tonight. It is the streaming service that has used next-gen infrastructure in combination with the oldest trick to sell film lovers a turkey. Paramount and Netflix are enjoying their victory in the film industry in their own way. Thanks to Netflix that is providing a theatrical release model and it is also estimated that now the film industry may also take a step to gain attention and get cost benefit.  A major studio has also entered into a partnership with a grand TV streaming service for the same.


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