Apple is awarded with the Robert S. Bray Award from American Council of the Blind (ACB), for their continuous accessibility innovation on July 4th during the conference held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Minneapolis.

 This award is given to the particular person or the company which has improved the communication technology or the devices which helps in accessible for the blind people.

Kim Charlson, The President of American Council of the Blind, had a word on this “The American Council of the Blind applauds Apple for its innovative approach to product accessibility, giving equal access to mainstream technology to people who are blind.”

Apple utilised this opportunity and had termed about their engineer Jordyn Castor. Castor is blind since her birth. 22-year-old Castor is fond of Apple technologies. Her parents encouraged her from the childhood to defy the expectations of the people with the disabilities. They make her courageous, adventurous and motivational. Currently, Castor is working on enhancing the features like VoiceOver for the blind Apple users.

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Her spirit led her to interact with the technologies and while she is studying her second grade, her parents have gifted the desktop computer and she could able to use it in the classroom after classroom computer teachers acceptance.

Castor says that the adults in her life often offer the gadgets and telling her to figure it out and show them to know how to use it. She says “I realised then I could code on the computer to have it fulfil the tasks I wanted it to, with my knowledge of computers and technology, I could help and change the world for people with disabilities.” “I could help make technology more accessible for blind users.” This whole Innovation and the things done by the Castor are done by keeping the blind users in mind.

Jordyn Castor was the student at Michigan State University, and she was introduced to Apple for the first time at the job fair held at Minneapolis job fair in the year 2015. Castor is excited to tell about the gift Apple iPad, received on her 17th Birthday from Apple. Due to the iPad’s accessibility features, it raised her passion towards the technology to the next level. Castor had a turned up in bringing a personal perspective to Apple innovation in the prior way.

Castor said in a report that “Everything just worked and was accessible just right out of the box, “That was something I had never experienced before.”

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Increasing the accessibility to every user is the driving values of the Apple. The company loves what it makes and want it makes is available to everyone says Herrlinger, the Senior Manager for Global Accessibility Policy and Initiatives at Apple. The need is continuously innovative with the accessibility which is in the mind as the part of the Apple’s DNA.

“Blindness does not define you,” she says. “It’s part of who you are as a person, as a characteristic, but it does not define you or what you can do in life.”


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