As per the latest reports by FCC, AT&T is looking forward to enter the wireless charger accessory market, which is an ever-growing market. It is further planning to integrate a charger, which charges both Apple Watch and iPhone. Along with it, they are planning to integrate a 3000mAh battery that helps the user charge their devices while travelling.

The FCC filing and documentation was identified by ZNF, which is a digital lifestyle blog. As per recent findings, it is reported that AT&T will be naming its accessory as the Power Drum Wireless Charger & Apple Watch Power Bank.

It is speculated that Power Drum will integrate Apple Watch Charger on the front side. The top most side will serve as Qi charging pad wherein iPhones can be placed for charging. Fortunately, the Oi charger can provide an output of 10W while iPhone needs a power output of upto 7.5W.

Till now, there is no such revelation on whether the latest charging device by AT&T will support Apple Watch Series 4 or not. Still buyers are hopeful for positive news from the company’s end.
The only downside of the charger is that it has micro USB instead of USB-C input.

Although there are plenty of multicharging devices available in the market, not all are branded. Hence, people are eagerly waiting for the AT&T team to share a good quality charger, which is effective for long term use.

Although it is still not clear when the device would be released in the market, the price has been revealed after AT&T shared the documentation, which shows that the wireless accessory will be sold for $100.

The mobile network carrier is clearly trying to portray more value to the customers by developing accessories that are deemed useful to the clients. Although it is a bit pricier than the local models available, people will prefer using them more often.

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