Stephen Hawking the physicist and well known for his work regarding black holes was planned to murder by the 37-year-old American woman. Earlier this woman sent the threat email and tweets to Hawking and later she stalking him at the astronomy festival at the Canary Islands in the Spain.

The US citizen woman who lives in Norway, sent the emails to Hawking telling that she is going to kill him at the Starmus Festival, a well-known astronomy conference which is about to happen this week in Tenerife.

According to the reports, there are more than 100 emails and the tweets with threatening the things “like I am very close to you. I am going to kill you.”

The tweets were deleted, and it’s a surprise that how the things directed to Hawking since he doesn’t have the account on the Twitter. Police said that the woman was not identified by the name and, had been following Hawking. They also mentioned that she is suffering from the mental problems.

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The hotel in Tenerife, where the woman found is arrested on Wednesday, and she is having the detailed tracings of the Hawking’s whereabouts from her possession and the notes on both his home and his office. She even had an in-depth plan on how to end his life. This woman could face a six-month prison sentence in the Spain, followed by immediate deportation if the alleged stalker is found guilty.

But for the person, who planned to end a life, is a bit light for someone who planned for the assassination. But this is how the justice works.


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