Amazon built Alexa app, which can be used by the owners of Alexa-enabled devices for viewing shopping lists, managing their alarms and controlling music. Alexa can do work out of the box, such as it can set timers, share the current weather, create shopping lists and more. Now this year, Amazon has revamped its Alexa app.

Last week, a number of developer tools was launched for Alexa and now Amazon is introducing the revamped version of Alexa app for its consumers. The updated app aims to offer its consumers a more personalized experience, mainly on the users’ home screens.

Among all other changes, it also will tell its consumers how and when they can use the digital assistant.

From today, Alexa app will have a new home screen with an updated navigation that will highlight Alexa-centric skills. Looking in favour for more first-party features, Alexa’s third-party skills have also been moved off the home screen.

Based on your Alexa usage, the main home screen of the Alexa app will now show personalized suggestions. You will notably see those commands that will prominently be featured on the main screen if you are using Alexa to control your smart home or if you play music a lot.

Only the currently active features will be seen by the customers, as said by Amazon, so you could, for example, adjust the volume level for the Echo Buds right then and there.

Alexa will be showing the suggestions for how to get started to all its first-time users. Moreover, it will also tell how to use other Amazon services like adding to their Amazon shopping list or listening to Amazon Music.

To get started by tapping or saying “Alexa”, the revamped app offers an updated home screen with a big Alexa button at the top informing its users. However, the app’s advanced features like Routines, Skills, Settings and Reminders are relocated under the “More” button after the redesigning.

The button now at the top of the app will make it easier for the consumers, according to Amazon.

This update is available for the Android, iOS and Fire OS users. And now Amazon has decided to roll out this function from next month and is expecting that all will have it by the late of August.


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