Crucible is Amazon’s free-to-play title. It is a third-person shooting game that is available for users at no cost. Yes, you read that correctly. It has been made available via Steam. Players availing the game before 12:00 AM on the 12th of June will also receive additional 1000 credits for the gameplay.

Crucibles give you an option to choose from 10 starters as your avatar. These starters include the Robotic Botanist Bug, which was widely used in the media promotions and has now become the poster child of the game. Every hunter of the 10 has its special powers and weapons to battle out the enemies and also the life on the planet where the game is set.

The game also has three modes, namely “Heart of Hives,” a four on four battle mode against the giant hive bosses spawned all over the planet in the game’s universe. “Alpha Hunter” mode will ask to 8 teams of 2 members each to compete with each other. Lastly, the “Harvester Command” mode will have two teams of eight members, each battling for essence harvesters spawned across the battlefield.

Amazon has kicked off aneight-week pre-season so that the players all over the world get acquainted with the rules and regulations and have an idea about the gameplay. The 1000 game credits can be used to obtain in-game items as well as the pre-season battle pass for 950 credits. Crucibles have been made available for players in the Northern American region, and the release for other regions of the world will follow soon.

And if you are not a big fan of Shooting games and are more into the RPG genre, then Amazon has taken care of your need too. Amazon has plans to launch two titles this year. While Crucibles is one, the other is New World, Amazon’s MMORPG. New World is set for a release on the 25th of August 2020.


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