Few months back, Apple’s app store introduced a safety label for all their apps and now Google has announced that they soon will roll out a safety section in their own mobile app marketplace. A lot of people are accusing Google of copying Apple, but in a way, it is better for everyone. The safety section on the Google Play app store is set to be rolled out by next year and it will ask the developer to clearly state about the data that their app is collecting and what will they do with that data.

Developers have to be very specific with the data that they will be procuring from their users like they will have to specify what data they are collecting (for example email id, username etc.); they also have to specify how they are procuring this data - whether they are collecting it from contacts, files or user’s accurate location. Developers need to also explain how the procured data will be used and what good it is going to do for the app.

Developers who follow all the safety precautions and rules will be able to mention it on their app listing. Google also says that they will add following element of details on apps-

  • If the app has data encryption
  • If the app follows Google’s family policy for child safety
  • If the app’s safety section has been inspected by a third party
  • Whether the app requires any data from the user or does it ask for permission
  • Does the app delete the user’s data when the user uninstalls the app?

As usual, the apps will be required to provide their privacy policy as a lot of people have been accusing Google of blatantly copying Apple’s safety policies. However, if you observe closely, they are a bit different and the main objective of both of them is also different.

Apple’s policy aims to know what data is being collected from the user for tracking purposes whereas Google focuses more on what data is being collected and whether the data is being used ethically and whether everything is being done ethically.


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