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Now the Aadhaar number is compulsory for filing the income tax returns to avoid evasion and frauds, said by Arun Jaitley.

In Lok Sabha meeting, BJD member questioned to finance Minister Arun Jaitley that whether the govt was forcing the people to have the Aadhaar number by making it mandatory.

He said, they have ruled out the imposing any tax on the agriculture income. Mr. Jaitley was replying to the financial bill 2017 which had later passed by the house along with 40 official amendments, in that reducing the cash transactions from 3 lakhs to 2 lakhs from April 1st is one of the amendments.

After bill had passed, the opposition party Congress has questioned about Aadhaar issue and upto now government didn’t have any commitment to remove the farm loan.

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In these amendments, they also mentioned a proposal of launching electoral bonds. The cap of reducing the transactions limit and introducing electoral bonds helps to stop the generation of black money.

To encourage the cashless transactions, they have reduced the limit. Through electoral funding transaction is clear. In this they also opposed that funding should be in the form of the digital cheque and cash donations is limited to Rs 2000.

BJD party has opposed to their proposal that linking Aadhaar card is mandatory to the PAN card for filing income tax returns and making PAN application. But the government said Aadhaar have biometric details, so they are less cases of misusing, and he also said ,to clean the society these system is mandatory.