Vande Mataram complusory

After BJP had come into the power, the first board meeting of Nagar Nigam happened on Tuesday. But unfortunately, it was ended on a shocking note when Meerut Mayor Harikant Ahluwalia openly declared that every member of the council should have to sing Vande Mataram or else he won’t be allowed to participate in the meetings.

It was all happened when few Muslim members of the board have started leaving the room when the National song is playing. Immediately, the BJP members have started shouting, “If you want to live in India, you should have to sing Vande Mataram.”

Out of 80 board members, BJP has a majority of 45, and there are 25 Muslim members among them. When the issue has arisen, the Muslim members argued that even Supreme Court hasn’t made singing Vande Mataram mandatory. Since a long time, a recital of the National song is a daily routine at Nagar Nigam and those who didn’t wish to participate, they were allowed to leave the hall and return once it gets completed.

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As soon as the arguments heated, the mayor has passed a resolution basing on voice votes to make it mandatory for everyone to sing Vande Mataram, claiming it is a way to show respect to the motherland. However, the Supreme Court yet to approve the resolution made by them.

A Muslim counselor, Diwan Shareef expressed his concern that they are managing to stay safely here and they are really hurt with this issue. “Our ancestors too fought for the freedom fight, and we are born and brought up in India. We have unconditional love and respect for this country.”

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