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Mobile Number Portability: TRAI proposed easier process for MNP

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has proposed an easy method to carry on with Mobile number portability (MNP). Mobile number portability is considered to an important and excellent feature provided to the customer to retain their mobile number when changing from current network to another network carrier.

The freedom of changing the carrier option is already available, but according to the TRAI report, 40 percent of MNP request fails because of manual data submission. TRAI has made it clear that they want the MNP process to be more comfortable to the customer so that they will have an autonomous decision of shifting network.

Proposed process of porting network:

At present MNP process is like your current network is N1 and wants to change it to Network N2. N1 sends a Unique Porting Code (UPC) to your mobile. You need to send the UPC as a request to N2. Then N2 accepts the request and porting will be successful. But as the request sending process is manual, due to typing mistakes and other mismatches porting fails.

To make this process easier TRAI proposed that Unique Porting Code (UPC) sending will be done automatically. The donor operator will now send the UPC to an MNP Clearing House. At the time of Porting, the receiving operator will have to send a request to the MNP Clearing House for verifying UPC.

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Now the verification process will be done automatically, and rejection process will drop down. This will result in the user-friendly approach.  All the other relevant and required information will be sent to MNP clearing house directly, and port will be carried out smoothly.

TRAI informed, “The draft amendment also proposes to make provision to transmit the relevant information viz. date of the bill, amount outstanding, the last date of payment, date of the notice and period of notice given to the subscriber by Donor Operator through the MNP Clearing House.”

Users and the general public are requested to send in their feedbacks at advmn@trai.gov.in with a copy to trai.mn@gmail.com on/before August 31, 2017, related to the MNP reformation proposal by TRAI.

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