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Have You Ever Tried Your Luck with a Lottery: Be one of TheLotter Winners during Xmas/New Year 2021

Have you ever tried your hands at an online lottery? That’s right you could be one of TheLotter Winners in 2020 and even bag the mega 40 Million Euros prize money! And, now during Diwali, you get extra 40% cashback too!

Yeah, I know you must have heard of plenty of dream stories about people from around the world winning million dollar lotteries and getting rich overnight, and then obviously you must have come across plenty of scams too.

No, we’re not talking about those shady offers on the Internet claiming to give you a free iPhone for just paying a shipping price of $19.99 - there are REAL legit lotteries out there as well, and TheLotter is one of them.

They’ve been around for a while since 2002, and definitely one of the renowned lottery ticket purchasing services throughout the globe. And, they’ve got plenty of choices of lotteries from around the globe on TheLotter.com

Over 5.5M lucky winners have won with TheLotter’s ticket purchasing services, and they’ve paid out over $100M in total in lottery prizes and something bigger and better is coming just next week in the form of Euro Millions!

You could be the next player to win big by playing the lottery online!

>>Try Your Luck NOW<<

US Powerball & Its Rules

Apart from the EuroMillions, you also have US Powerball, and US Mega Million contests too, this week, which can again potentially let you bag $50M+ EACH!

To play US Powerball, all you gotta do is choose 5 numbers from 1-69, along with a Powerball number from 1-26.

This lottery has got 9 prize divisions along with multiplier termed “Power Play” that can potentially raise the secondary prizes by 10X.

The Powerball jackpot (equal to 5 main numbers + additional Powerball) starts at $40M, and the roll over continues till we find a winner.

Powerball is drawn two times every week viz. Sat & Wednesday

Powerball Jackpots & Prizes

Match Prize Power Play *
5+PB Jackpot Jackpot
5 $1000000 $2,000,000
4+PB $50000 X Power Play
4 $100 X Power Play
3+PB $100 X Power Play
3 $7 X Power Play
2+PB $7 X Power Play
1+PB $4 X Power Play
0+PB $4 X Power Play

There are restrictions on the Power Play number multiplier; 10X multiplier is only possible with jackpots below $150M.

No you don’t have to be in US or Europe to participate in Euro Millions or US Powerball - people from around the world have won millions of dollars to date.

And, they’ve a different site LottoSmile for Indians too and recently few Indians have won fortunes too!

So, hurry up, if you want to be one of TheLotter Winners in 2020 and stand a chance to win the whopping €130M prize money next week, you gotta grab one of those tickets ASAP!

The Spain EuroMillions 130 Million Euros lucky draw is in 4 days - so go ahead, who knows you might get lucky this Cyber Weekend!

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