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Celebrating Emojis Amidst the Death of Expression

In today’s increasingly digital world, expression has become somewhat synonymous to emoticons – so much that we even have a day dedicated to them. Tech giants such as Google and Apple are commemorating this day by announcing the release of new emojis. By adding to their extensive collection, it is evident that these smiling pixels are here to stay.

Apple is releasing a selection of original emojis, which comprise of bubble tea, pinched fingers, boomerang, dodo, beaver, piñata, nesting dolls, coin, anatomical heart, lungs, ninja, and tamale. Besides the collection will add the Transgender symbol and flag, for the first time ever. These creative new designs are a part of the Emoji 13 update that reportedly will be accessible by fall through a software update for devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac, and the Apple Watch.

In an attempt to be more inclusive and representative, Apple has also included features that allows for 55 different gender and skin color variations. This will enable users to access a much more gender-neutral approach. For instance, it showcases a person donning a veil or wearing a tuxedo rather than a man or a woman, thus moving past the orthodoxy of traditional gender roles. These innovative designs were approved by Unicode Consortium. And soon will face the approval board of the people, which to say the least is hard to satisfy. Besides Apple is also introducing updates on its Memojis.

Memojis basically allow the user to use emojis based on themselves. With these recent updates, users can create customised emojis and make them more expressive, with greater options in facial and muscle structures. In addition, they will also be able to add novel hairstyles, face coverings and head coverings, ranging from a cyclist’s helmet to nurse caps.

Though many might lament the loss of human interaction and human expression, it is becoming increasingly hard to deny the growing influence of digitised feelings. And with more and more people adapting to the texting culture, it is an indomitable trend here to stay.