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Oneplus 3 killer Flagship is Back with 4GB and 6GB RAM variants

ONEPLUS 3 sales might start at the end of May. At whatever time, if Smartphone announced or introduced will make you question everything. The question arises on specs, features, pricing and additions to the previous model.

The latest transform from Smartphone manufacturer Oneplus or 1+ arriving soon, the Oneplus 3. A Smartphone user always shows eagerness towards advancement to Specs and features.

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One plus 3, all the way emerging with a new benchmark from Geekbench and GFX Bench providing and indicating and though suggesting that there could be more than in Oneplus 3. Let us see what make it difference to Oneplus 3 from normal to standard. As per the previous OnePlus models, rumours stating that this model number A3000 according to benchmark from GFX Bench.

One plus 3 wears operating system, Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. According to the tablature, OnePlus 3 handset will arrive with a 5-inch display (1920 * 1080) resolution equipped with 4GB RAM, processor powered by Snapdragon 820 processor with storage capacity offering 64GB. Photo capturing takes you higher, with 16MP Camera rear facing and front facing camera and 8 mega-pixels.

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It is quite important to note that the listed 5” display for OnePlus is much smaller than the previous model of OnePlus One and Two. Geekbench stated that device would come with 6GB RAM, instead of 4GB listed on GFXBench. OnePlus 3 version with 6GB RAM could come with higher specs naming A3000 with “RAIN RAIN” codename.

For occurrence, it could be the case for OnePlus X it would be with 4GB RAM and 5inch display. Following 6GB RAM for “Rain Rain” version for OnePlus 3.

Irrespective of rumours’, we are left with a confused state that benchmark listing one is 6GB RAM “RAIN RAIN” model, and another ran off with 4GB RAM “Rain Model with NFC support and USB Type-C port.” One plus 3 is anticipated to release on May 28th presumably more expensive than OnePlus two.

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