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Sony Has Redesigned the PlayStation App with an All-New Look and Has Also Incorporated Some PS5 Feature

The anticipation of the all-new PS5 has been insane so far while the company has been bracing itself for the release of the new console. Sony has also come out with a new version of the PlayStation app. The app has got a new overhaul as it has been now designed to complement the gaming experience that the all-new console will provide. The PS app has been redesigned entirely and has got some new features like voice chat and PS store integration.

The first thing that anyone using the new app for the first time will notice is the entirely changed UI. Although some people might now be pleased a lot by such changes,the bottom navigation bar does really look quite easy and convenient to use. Now you can also get to know what your friends are playing and also some key details about the last game you played, all in a new home screen. The messaging functionality that we used to have in the console is also available in the app. Thus, the app acts as a one-stop shop for all your PS needs. The new app has surely made communication among friends seamless.

Sony has focused a lot on enhancing the communication functionality by providing continuous voice chat function. Now users can create a party group directly through the app and easily chat with up to 15 friends at a time. With the Play Station store being front and center, users can now easily download a game or an add-on from the PS Store directly for their PS4 and PS5.

But that’s it now.Once the PS5 console launches, the user will be able to do a lot through the app rather than doing it through the controller as it can get hectic sometimes. The users can now launch games, quickly sign in to the console straight through their phone and manage storage properties of their console. And the all-new explore tab includes feeds of news from the game developer, which can come in handy at times.

The app has been started rolling out globally for the users to use. It will work fine for Android 6.0 Marshmallow and later on versions. If you haven’t received the update yet, then you can wait for it or access it through third party.