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Next Digital Mission of Reliance Jio: Connected Car App, Jio Tv and many more

Reliance Jio has introduced their next digital mission. In this mission, they have introduced digital lifestyle. They are introducing car controlled by a mobile app and TV which can store movies and programs in last seven days

The company is saying jio is not only for 4G connectivity, but it also changes the people lifestyle from normal to digital, and company stated that they are working hard towards it.

Reliance Jio launches the Preview of its new Health app ‘JioHealthHub’

Reliance Jio is going to become digital in every aspect like from sim activation to connected car app. The company is adamant about adopting the digital lifestyle. At present in sim activation process Jio has made a scanbox to complete documentation process. This scanning process helped to reduce activation time from four-five hours to three to four minutes. At present, Jio is getting 600,000 lakh activations per day, on average

In case if we are changing the mobile phone it is very hectic task, we have to transfer all details from old phone to new phone. In addition to this we have a fear of data loss or theft. Now jio has introduced a device named SwitchNWalk to transfer up to 1 GB data in 45 seconds. It is applicable on both android and ios.

RJio also introduced portable Wi-Fi router, JioFi. Priced at Rs 1,999 this 4G hotspot pocket router helps in seamless video streaming and viewing. By this device, we can connect 32 devices at one time.

Reliance Jio Effect: Vodafone now offering 4GB 4G Data at Rs 250 for Prepaid Subscribers

Jio Car connect next device, it is a dongle with jio sim and app in the mobile to convert a simple car into a smart one.By the help of dongle, it will reveal all activities of the car even when it is far away.

In addition to this Jio tv, jio cinema and jio music are added. In this jio tv programs and movies can store up to 7 days. So you can watch the programs when you have free time

Reliance Announces The Commercial Launch of Jio 4G, Pact with Apple on cards

Reliance announces readiness for the commercial launch of Jio 4G. The cellular service is planning to air it on August 15th as an Independence Day gift. The company is collaborating with almost all smartphone makers with a tempting offer of free data subscription for 3 months.

It is reported that the company invested about Rs.45000 Cr. in this venture and now announces Rs.15000 cr. additional shortly. The company is focusing on being the widest network in the country after its debut this year. In the past, reliance declared that it would work with major smartphone manufacturers. This might be a sign that reliance admitted their LYF smart phones would not be a key in pushing this new telecom service sale. However, reliance is working on paring with apple. And collaborated with Samsung and HP will boost the company sales of smart phone market.

Reliance Jio 4G invite only LYF Smartphone with Unlimited Data

Jio became a nightmare for the leading telecom service providers. With its unmatchable rates, jio offers great tariffs for calls and data. Competitors are taking steps to stop their customers switching to Jio by cutting down their tariffs. Bharathi Airtel is offering 3GB instead of 2GB for Rs. 455. Idea slashed their data tariff by 40%.

Reliance is encouraging feedbacks from 1.5 billion users from its recent release beta version. Jio could be the deal finisher with its speed and unlimited data at a decent rate. In fact, even a preview customer can get avail three months of 4G data for free. User can download Jio app, generate a code and go to the nearest Reliance store with appropriate documents for the activation of SIM.

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