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Fast and Furious 8 became the first highest Hollywood grosser of 2017 in India

The much-awaited movie Fast and Furious 8 aka Fate of the Furious got released last week. As the film is the successor of the Fast and Furious series, the hollywood movie got so much craze. This movie got released amidst high expectations, and huge hopes about the box office collections and the motion picture reached them all.

When compared to all the Hollywood movies released in 2017 in India, Fast and Furious 8 made the highest collections. It made Rs.78.69 crores and took the slot of Highest Hollywood Grosser of 2017.

Kong Skull Island Worldwide Box Office Collection Beats Logan

As far the other movies that got released in this year are concerned, Logan made Rs.33.03 crores at the box office and took over the second place, XXX: The Return of Xander Cage collected Rs..31.01 crores occupying the third place.

Fast & Furious 8 Movie Review and Rating

Kong: Skull Island achieved Rs. 22.58 crores, Beauty and the Beast, earned Rs. 17.63 crores, Boss baby, gained Rs. 10.1 crores and Passengers became the least in the list with Rs. 5.14 crores.

However the collections of Fast and Furious are still continuing as there are no notable releases in the Bollywood, F8 is doing good and will be aired in the theaters in the coming week too so the collections might take a hike.

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4 Avatar sequels confirmed by James Cameron

james cameron 4 avatar sequels

James Cameron has announced the sequel to his Adventure fantasy blockbuster Avatar movie. He made this statement when speaking at CinemaCon on Thursday. Avatar was released worldwide in the year 2009 and changed the things regarding the CGI. Avatar 2 is going to release its sequel in the year 2018.

Total four sequels are planned by James Cameron and made an official announcement. To our surprise, Cameron has revealed the release dates of four sequels. Cameron said “We have decided to embark on a truly massive cinematic process,”

For the next three Avatar sequels Cameron in going to work with different writers for each film.  These sequel films are going to complete in next seven years. Every sequel film is going to release on the Christmas of respective release year. All follows the action of the first Sci-Fi foray into Pandora.

The writer Darren Franich has tweeted about the Avatar film as ““Avatar 2″ coming Christmas 2018, “Avatar 3” Christmas 2020, “Avatar 4” Christmas 2022, “Avatar 5” Christmas 2023. So says James Cameron.”

Sigourney Weaver has confirmed that her character Grace Augustine will be in the three sequels and no further information is available regarding the acting in the fifth film.

“So far, the art I’m seeing, is in pure imagination, really far beyond the first movie. It’s going to be a truly epic saga,” Cameron shared.

Cameron has revealed that each film varies from each other, but this could create a composite of an epic saga. Some filmmaker has admitted that Cameron has decided to create the sequel in response to a tweet made by a fan saying that his first movie had failed to make the big impression on audience regardless of making lot of money. Cameron talked with his crew about the feedback and examined how they can face it. After a lot of new and creative ideas, instead of taking one Cameron is planning to make four sequels.

There is the sequel to the Deadpool film which is in work now with Ryan Reynolds. This was confirmed by the 20th Century Fox executives, and the director of the movie is Tim Miller.

Ground or Air!! Go with the Latest Matrice 600 the powerful Drone released DJI

During the national summit of National Association of Broadcasters held at Las Vegas, DJI has unveiled its latest powerful drone Matrice 600 (M600). Why DJI M600 is so powerful, here are some details which you ought to know.

Paul Pan Lead engineer says “Matrice 600 is mainly designed for the industrial applications and film-makers. M600 helps in getting the shot, no matter whether it is on ground or air.”

DJI Matrice 600 have intelligent flight modes which help to shoot in the desired path. It supports Way Points, Follow Me and Point of Interest. Users can allow performing all these operations with the powerful app DJI GO developed by DJI. This application is available for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Matrice 600 have the video downlink for Televisions and other activities. For this they use Light-bridge 2, with this Video transmission rate can stream up to HD video 1080p at 60 FPS. The ideal long transmission range can support up to 3 miles (5 KM). For Television broadcasting the transmission rate is 720p at 59.94 Fps and 1080p at 50 FPS. DJI allows open to development, and it can be updated through the given DJI SDK cable. One can develop the industrial applications as per the requirements with the help of the DJI on-board SDK and mobile SDK.

M600 have the latest flight controller called A3 Pro, and this has three GPS units and three IMUs. This helps the drone to fly exactly as you expected. GPS looks after the Positions of the drone. IMU means Inertial Measurement Unit, which works on the combinations of accelerometers and gyroscopes, sometimes even magnetometers.

With the help of first universal aerial gimbal made by DJI is Ronin-MX, M600 can allow the compatible for any cameras like Canon, Panasonic, RED, Black Magic, Sony and Nikon. Just assemble and make the drone fly. The flight time is 15 min, and max payload is 13.2 LB. The gimbal can take complete rotation, 360 degrees and you don’t need to reset the gimbal. It allows spinning endlessly.

If you want to buy the DJI Matrice 600 and Ronin-MX get from the DJI online store. The price of the DJI Matrice 600 is $4599 and $1599 Ronin -MX.

Store Link DJI Matrice 600:  store.dji.com/product/matrice-600

Store Link for Ronin-MX :  store.dji.com/product/ronin-mx

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