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A Man Was Duped INR 30,000 on Google Pay!

An Intelligence team has made an inquiry on the case wherein the techie, a resident of Bengaluru has been duped 30,000 over the phone. The city cybercrime sent a notice to the legal head of Google India as they have to make a further investigation on the fraud that has taken place.

On 1st May, an Engineer has approached the Cybercrime police saying that he lost 30,000 on Google pay. On further investigation he said that he got a call from unknown person claiming that he is supposed to be his old friend. He told over the phone that he had transferred INR 30,000 on Google Pay to his account. After sometime techie has checked his phone’s notification and has read that INR 30,000 Credited. Techie addressed the Cybercrime saying that the conversation took place for about 5mins and he asked him to return back the cash over the same payment mode.

As soon as he told like that, an Engineer has sent back the amount. He has gone through his mini statement and has learnt that 30,000 was not credited to his account, it was just a fake SMS.  Cybercrime officials have now been searching for that guy who has done it. The notice has been issued to the Google authorities and have been asked to give the necessary reports on May 18 to explain about the fraudulent transactions that took place through Gpay. The notice comes after a techie complained that an unidentified man had cheated him of Rs. 30,000 on Gpay. Cops have also sought the presence of Google’s technical head for a clear understanding of the vulnerability in the application.