Saudi Price from a ruling family in Dubai has been lashed in Jail in Jeddah as a court-ordered punishment. He was jailed for breaking the law. He slammed into Prison on Monday afternoon after took him to medical check up to make sure that he wasn’t suffering from any diseases.

Saudi Daily newspaper Okaz reported that “The unknown prince was also jailed after receiving blows for an unspecified crime. A five member panel, on behalf of various agencies managed the lashings.”

Last month a young Saudi prince was executed in Riyadh for murder after a court initiates him guilty of shooting dead, it was the first execution of a Prince since 1970’s.

Saudi Arabia: Prince Turki bin Saud al-Kabir Executes for a Murder Case

A statement by the Ministry of Interior said, a Saudi national, Prince Turki Bin Saud Al Kabir was killed in Riyadh after begging guilty of firing to death Adel bin Sulaiman bin Abdul Kareem Al Mihaimeed who is also a Saudi national, following a group quarrel.

Interestingly social media users in Saudi understood the rare execution as a sign of equality under Islamic law. The 80-year-old King Salman is also fair and keen on this.