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New Central Motor Vehicles Rules Come into Action: License, Driving Tests Fees Increased

Finally, the changes made to motor vehicles rules. Yes, the 22nd amendment of Central Motor Vehicles Rules brought into action starting January 6th with a big raise in license fee, driving test fees and fitness tests.

Earlier, the issuing of driving license including driving tests priced at Rs 250 and now due to changes no it will cost Rs 500. However, this will increase further by Rs 300 every time an individual sits for a repeat driving test.

M-Parivahan,E-Challan Apps to be launched Soon for Road Safety and Reporting Accidents

The change that was done on July 28, 2016, had invited demurrals in 30 days’ time but as no objections came, they came into force on January 6 i.e. on the date of their publication in the official Newsletter.

“After 1989, the fee has been increased for the first time and this is the reason that there is a huge gap between the old free and the new fee Ranjeet Singh, Assistant Regional Transport Officer (Administration) said, “Earlier a learning license was issued with a fee of Rs 30, and it has been increased to Rs 150 with an extra charge of driving test fee of Rs 50 which was not there at all earlier.”

The other fee that has improved include issuing International Driving Permit from Rs 500 to Rs 1000, an addition of another class of vehicle to driving license from Rs 50 to Rs 100. Moreover, the renewal fee for driving license will continue to be Rs 200, the fee for renewal of driving license for which application is made after the grace period has been increased from Rs 150 to Rs 300.

Road Ministry Asks Uber, Ola To Calculate Fares On Taxi Meters, Instead of GPS

At the time the order reached to RTO department in Meerut, all types of acceptance of the fee for driving license and other 27 categories were put on hold, and the residents had to return home.

The fee for conducting tests for all types of vehicles changed. For motor cycles, the renewal fee has been increased from Rs 60 to Rs 200 and Rs 400. For three wheelers, it has been increased from Rs 200 to Rs 400 and Rs 600 while LMV and heavy motor vehicles, the fee has been increased from Rs 500 to Rs 600 and Rs 1000.

Soft copies of Driving License and Registration Certificate to get valid soon

Indian Government is developing a new system to help drivers around the country. ‘DigiLocker’ to keep the soft copy of documents instead of carrying the license and registration books. This new system is set to launch in the coming few days by road transport and it ministries. Opening an account requires just an Aadhaar card and a mobile phone number which will be linked up to the account.

This new service assists the government to maintain a countrywide registry of vehicles which can be accessed from anywhere in India. The documents can be uploaded in the DigiLocker setup which is much secured. Uploaded documents can be verified by law enforcement agencies and traffic police as the vehicular pass by a check post. This will also help police forces to apply penalty points and issue fine to drivers when found breaking the law.

Airtel and Vodafone launches e-KYC verification using Aadhaar

According to sources, the service enables spot verification for Driving License and Registration Certificates. “The verifying official needs to have the mobile app to check the authenticity of the soft documents. The IT ministry will launch the app soon,” says, a transport ministry official.

DigiLocker service will have an app which displays all the information that an individual has on a smartphone. Officials will also be provided with an app based setup which will able to verify from a central registry. Telangana and Delhi could make more use of this service as these states are issuing e-challans with better internet connectivity.

This could be considered as a good move to maintain the record of automobiles for catching violators. Hope this DigiLocker setup cut down bribe practices and police official makes proper use of this technology.

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