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Pixel Digicam Developer Marc Levoy Joins Adobe

Earlier this year, there reportedly was turmoil within the Pixel board and it was crowned by the walking off of Marc Levoy. He directed the development of several of the best features of computational photography in the Google Camera app. Reportedly, he has now secured a job as a VP with Adobe to act on the Photoshop Camera app and additional research programs.

Marc Levoy was employed by Google for his aptitude in computational photography. Prior to that, he worked on an endeavor at Stanford that became Street View for Google Maps. He ultimately led the evolution of HDR+, Portrait Mode, and Night Sight, and these are just a few of the details. These three elements alone exceptionally transformed the smartphone camera platform and drew in a number of users to Google Camera ports.

The Pixel line was famous for only needing a single digital camera to remain competitive with Apple’s iPhones, until an appetite for sharper zoom images or photos propelled Google to put in a second, telephoto lens in previous year’s Pixel 4. 

Levoy’s effort arguably motivated Apple, Samsung, and other companies to ramp up their computational pictures chops

At Adobe, it implies that Levoy might be intending to create an amazing digital camera not only for Pixel users, but also for every person using a smartphone. Levoy is set to perform on computational image endeavors across Adobe and interestingly, his efforts will be “centered on the strategy of a universal camera app,” the company stated in an e-mail. 

That being said, Adobe was not immediately prepared to explain “universal digital camera app”  — that phrase may also refer to an app that platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat could employ to develop their personal digicam apps or an app that might possibly function across a smartphone with camera as well as a bigger digital camera such as a DSLR.