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‘Andromeda’ The New OS from Google Might Get Announced in October

 As per the sources, Google is having the plans and currently working for the Pixel laptop which powered by the new “Andromeda” operating system. The will give the best rival to the MacBook. This will also inherit the features from it and for example the pressure-sensitive trackpad.

This new Andromeda OS will merge the aspects and features of the Chrome OS into the Android, as per the sources.

People are being talked since a long time that Google is going to combine the Android and the Chrome Operating system. This new operating system is named as “Andromeda” after combining these two major platforms.

Apart from this Andromeda OS, Google is also expecting to release the new feature smartphones called Pixel X and Pixel XL. Recently the Official Image has released in the online.

Google’s Future Smartphone Google Pixel Image Leaked in Online 

Earlier Google has released two Chromebook Pixels in the past, which is not the great things for Google as it already got hands on the laptop hardware. But as per the reports, the Pixel 3 would not run the Chrome Operating System which you commonly find in the Chromebook. Apart from this, Huawei is designing a tablet which can able to run the “Andromeda.”  This is the new platform that incorporates features and some aspects that are in the Chrome Operating system into the Android.

As per the Hiroshi Lockheimer, who is an SVP Android, Chrome OS & Play says “We announced the 1st version of Android 8 years ago today. I have a feeling eight years from now we’ll be talking about Oct 4, 2016.”

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This hints that company’s upcoming event is on October 4, 2016, which could have the significance for the History of the Android.

The complete details and the exact things about this new OS aren’t clear so far. But, Google is combining their laptop and the phone operating system which has been the first ever introduced in the Chrome Operating System.

The World’s Cheapest Laptop Ever: Allwinner Remix OS Laptop At Just $79

Allwinner, a very famous Chinese Company and tough competitor in the market of budget devices have now lined up a Laptop with jaw dropping price. This is for the first time the company is stepping into the field of Laptops. The company which manufactured devices like Android TV sticks and gaming tablets till date, now turn up with the view to capitalize on OS which has come up with a laptop worth $79.  Remix OS, a powerful and popularly known desktop OS for android powered PCs and Tablets, is now going to be the operating system for the affordable Allwinner laptops with Jide’s interesting fusion of Android, Windows and Chrome OS.

Microsoft Edge to Receive Adblock and Adblock Plus

The company announces that the price of the all new laptop ranges $79 to $99 which runs on Remix OS 2.0. The features of the world’s first cheapest laptop Allwinner basic model is apparently all plastic body with the 11.6-inch LCD screen with 1366 x 768 resolution with a front-faced webcam. This model comes with a 64-bit kit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor with 1GB of RAM and has 8GB of storage for apps, games, movies, music and other files. Well, the battery life is not yet clear, but keeping price and specification in mind experts assume it would be of 3-6 hours of battery life.

Variant model is also available with 2GB of RAM and 16GB/32GB of storage which includes a larger display of 14.1-inch and same resolution of 11.6-inch device with a hike in the price up to $99. The unique specifications include Port wise HDMI, two USBs, a micro SD slot, and a headphone jack. So, there is no chance of users getting irritated with one USB and a connector for your ear buds. The company has also announced a 2-in-1 Laptop which includes an octra-core 32-bit chip.

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The prices for the given models by the company are tentative and it seems like the $79 price is only available when ordered or purchased in bulk. So, these laptops can fulfil the digital class room need in various educational institutions and cost effective business purpose devices. Well, the Allwinner Company is waiting fingers crossed to check the response or enthusiasm of the users to buy the product which is the only way to bring the product into the light.

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