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Amazon Great Indian Sale From August 8–10: Prime Members Get Early Access To Deals

The largest e-commerce platform Amazon after the launch of Prime subscription service in India, now announced a “Great Indian Sale” which starts from 8th August and ends on 10th August. Prime members can make much out of this sale as they are offered a 30 minutes early access to all the deals. Amazon’s three days Great Indian Sale includes deals across various categories like electronics-smartphones, laptops, PCs, etc. Besides this, the deal also provides promos for massive non-tech products.

Amazon Prime members who get privileged access to the deals will be able to choose convenient delivery options. Prime subscribers have multiple delivery options that include one-day, two-day or even morning delivery option. So, do you think prime subscription is worthy? Yes, so come on hurry up and get registered for the prime subscription.

Amazon India Debuts Prime Services:Just at Rs.499 per Year

On a trial basis, Amazon India is currently offering the Prime service free for 60 days. So, you can now register for Prime subscription for free before the sale ends, on the Amazon India website. After the end of trial period, Prime subscription will be charged Rs.499 for the first year and then from the second year onwards the subscription will be raised to Rs.999.

Amazon’s last year “Great Indian Festive Sale,” was a huge success. Amazon is now expecting more sales when compared to the last year’s sales reports. Last year, Amazon India also offered many discounts on Kindle, Xbox Consoles, Micromax 49-inch full HD LED TV, Apple MacBook Air 13-inch, iPhone 6 and many other products as a part of the Amazon “Great Indian Freedom sale” event.

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Becomes The World’s Third-Richest Man

Now, to boost up the sales the e-commerce giant has introduced Prime in India, as the service has been a favourite for Amazon users all around the world. Amazon India’s fierce competitor Flipkart has first started offering the subscription service in India, but it was a flop.

Amazon joins with UK Government to make Drone Delivery on the track

The latest announcement from Amazon has announced the partnership with the UK government for exploring the things which are required to make the delivering the parcels by the small drones to reality, allowing the Amazon for trailing new methods of testing their delivery systems.

The cross-government team supported by the CAA (UK Civil Aviation Authority) has provided the permissions with Amazon for exploring the three major innovations. These developments are explained here, beyond the line of sight operations in rural and sub-urban areas, they were testing the sensor performance, to confirm that the drones can identify and avoid the flights and the obstacles where the single person operates multiple highly automated drones.

Paul Misener, Amazon’s VP (Vice President) of Global Innovation Policy and Communications says “The UK is a leader in enabling drone innovation, and we’ve been investing in Prime Air research and development here for quite some time.”

Amazon India Debuts Prime Services:Just at Rs.499 per Year

He also mentioned that, after this announcement it is going to strengthen the partnership with the UK and brings the Amazon closer to their goal of using the drones for safely delivery of the parcels within 30 minutes to the customers in the United Kingdom and everywhere around the world.

This radical work will help Amazon, and the Government will understand how these drones can be used safely and consistently in the logistics industry. Apart from these, this will also contribute to identifying what are the operating rules and the safety regulations that are needed to help or move the drone industry further.

Misener also said “On using the small drones for delivering the parcels will enhance the customer experience and create the new jobs in this fast-growing industry and leading the new sustainable delivery methods to reach the future requirements/demands. The United Kingdom (UK) is charting a path forward for the drone technology which will create the advantage to the consumers, industry and society.”

Scientist Controls Multiple Drones Just By Thinking

“We want to enable the innovation which arises from the development of drone technology by safely integrating the drones into overall aviation system,” says Tim Johnson, CAA Policy Director. “These tests by Amazon will help to inform our policy and future approach.”

Amazon India Debuts Prime Services:Just at Rs.499 per Year

Amazon brings Prime services to India:60 days free trail

Are you waiting a long time to receive your ordered product from Amazon, No need to wait for long. Amazon comes up with a new subscription-based service in India. The Prime service offers you fastest shipping for free with the guarantee of One-Day and Two-Day delivery without having minimum order size.

Soon you can enjoy the exclusive videos under Prime from Amazon, which are not yet available in India. Amazon is planning to invest Rs 2000 crore for creating original videos under prime services.

Amazon Will No Longer Let You Know List Prices

Amazon offers this service for free for first two months (60 days free trail) and then the subscription fee of about Rs.499 per year. Prime Members can benefit the faster shipping and discounted option, along with some Prime-member only, deals, discounted Same-Day, morning and scheduled delivery to pin-code in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and other cities across India, which services are not in the previous one.

Amazon Prime service is available at Rs.999 per year. If you order only once on Amazon at that moment, Amazon charges only Rs 499 per year.
Prime –members should remind that not all the products are eligible to take benefit of. The Products with the “Prime logo” are available for faster delivery.

Amazon’s New Video Direct Service Challenges YouTube

The offers that Amazon offers for the Prime subscription:
• Free One-day delivery to prime members and for non-prime members they have to pay Rs.100
• Free Two-day delivery to prime members whereas, Rs.80 for others.
• Discounted Same- Day delivery to eligible addresses at Rs.50 whereas Rs.150 for non-prime
• Discounted Morning Delivery to eligible address at Rs.50.Non-prime members have to pay Rs.150
• Discounted scheduled delivery at Rs.50 and Rs.150 for non-prime

Morning delivery available cities:
Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Hyderabad and Noida.

Cities with same-day delivery option:
Gurgaon, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Kanchipuram, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Navi Mumbai, Noida, Faridabad, Gandhi Nagar, Thane, Ghaziabad, Tiruvallur.

Click here to sign up for 60 days free trail. If you want to cancel the option at that moment, you won’t be charged for anything. Amazon Prime is for the people who like to order the product at least once in a month.

Amazon Will No Longer Let You Know List Prices

Shopping on online commerce sites has increasingly grown up due to the price offs on each product. The ecommerce giant Amazon.com now as a part of change slowly eliminates to display the list prices of the products. Now, shopping in a mall or a mart is better than shopping on such sites as they will no longer let you know how much you saved on your purchase. According to the New York Times, Amazon has dropped to mention list prices in many cases.

The 21 year old US based ecommerce and cloud computing company has built its empire with great efforts and reached $107 billion annual revenue beating the Walmart.  Best deals offered on Amazon attracted most and the very basic thing Amazon customer finds on this site is how much cost was reduced from the list price.

The New York Times says that the discounts on both online and offline is the new era in the online shopping which brings up many consumer lawsuits for being less than they seem. It is also happening as Amazon is shifting from an online e-commerce selling one product at a time to a full-fledged ecosystem. Amazon is putting all its efforts to make its customers buy very often as like as they breathe.

Pinterest Launches A Shopping Service That Allows You To Buy Products From Pictures

“When Amazon began 21 years ago, the strategy was to lose on every sale but make it up on volume,” stated Larry Compeau, a Clarkson University professor of consumer studies. “It was building for the future, and the future has arrived. Amazon doesn’t have to seduce customers with a deal because they’re going to buy anyway.”

Studies conducted by Mr. Larry Compeau and others claimed that the perception of a deal is the thing which makes the customer purchase in any kind of store or an e-commerce site. And Bonnie Patten, an executive director of a consumer information site, TruthInAdvertising.org said that “We’ve conditioned to buy when the things are on sale.” He also added, “As a result, what many retailers have done is make sure everything is always on sale. Which means nothing is ever on sale.”

Pricing specialists claim that the giant Amazon has started eliminating list prices from two months ago. And the statement is applied to both products sold by itself and those sold by other traders on its site.

Amazon’s New Video Direct Service Challenges YouTube

Boomerang Commerce, a retail analytics firm’s chief executive Guru Hariharan said, “Our data suggests that list prices are going away.” The same firm amassed a list of 100 pet food products to The New York Times last spring. Amazon said that the products are being sold at a discount but only half of the products are actually sold at a discount.

“Amazon is a data-driven company with very few sacred cows,” Mr. Hariharan stated. “At the very least, it is conducting a storewide test about whether it should change its pricing strategy.”

A trader named Travis complained in the Amazon forum that the list price on his product which he did not identify had disappeared from the site. He wrote, “I’m well aware that it is bogus but it is a common marketing tactic that works very well at boosting sales.”

Amazon’s Alexa The Virtual Assistant Now Added With More Than 1000 Third Party Skills

“The idea of all the retailers being independent is increasingly sort of quaint. They are all watching each other, and using algorithm systems to try to match each other,” says Christo Wilson, a lead researcher at Northeastern University. “If Amazon decides to raise the price of a product, it essentially becomes carte blanche for everyone else to raise their price. It’s not explicitly collusion, but it’s highly correlated.”

So, now let’s see whether this new strategy of not displaying the list prices to the customers will work out or not. If the new pricing policy of Amazon keeps its customers, it is going to continue as the top e-commerce company.

OnePlus 3: Watch out Expected Specs, Price, Features and Review

OnePlus 3 launch on Monday i.e. June 14 at 9.30 AM PDT, designed to provide the audience with a 360-degree amazing view experience. The OnePlus 3 available from 15 June in Amazon.

The first week of this month the OnePlus sold 1000 phones before the launch without unveiling the real price.

The OnePlus 3 features a high-quality design with the curved metal body in a silver color, an oblong home button and antenna bands at both sides. Somehow OnePlus 3 looks like HTC 10 which released last month.

The Chinese company OnePlus 3 is expected to feature a 5.5” FHD AMOLED display which is available in 2GB, 4GB, and 6GB RAM as per the previous rumors raised.  The phone integrated with NFC (Near Field Communication) along with Snapdragon 820 processor.

OnePlus 3 with Loop VR: Launch Unveils to grab the offer “VR Headsets at Free”

Camera: OnePlus 3 equipped with 16MP with 1.8 apertures, autofocused with LED flash whereas the front facing camera equipped with 8MP.

Battery: There are rumors that Oneplus 3 will be available in 3000mAh or 3650 mAh with fast charging tech which will be available in three variants.

Price: We don’t have exact information about its price but OnePlus 3 will be available starting at $349 for the base model and may range to $425 for the premium model.

The Phone’s OS Android Marshmallow runs v6.0.1, which will go on sale by tomorrow.

Grab Offer: Amazon India gives the offer to grab a free unit of OnePlus 3 by answering simple questions posted on Amazon India mobile app. The content is only for the first five lucky customers. So OnePlus might give a tough competition to the high-end Smartphones like Samsung S7, LG G5 and HTC 10.

Oneplus 3 killer Flagship is Back with 4GB and 6GB RAM variants

About VR Loop

VR Loop is like a 360 degree 3D theater built out with robust materials for the ultimate visual experience. Orthoscopic lenses used for fine-tune perfect focus to avoid distortion. The Loop VR fits comfortably over glasses so that everyone can join the party.

The official launch of OnePlus 3 VR made on 14 June at 10 PM IST (9.30 AM PDT). So claim yours at Amazon on 15th of this month. Brief Specs of VR Loop, it is 100 degrees field of view mostly compatible with 5-6” Smartphones affixed with orthoscopic lens weighing 366g.

OnePlus hosts the VR, its first ever product launched in the previous year with vision taking the adventure deep into space.

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