Herbs that Keep You Fit and Infection Free 

The lists of 8 herbs which can help you get rid of infections and will boost the immunity system this Monsoon. Monsoon Season is all about getting drenched in rains but isn’t the real thing; it also attracts several infections.

The weather we all love the most Monsoons, a time when everything around looks bright and clean. The cool showers bring a lot of relief from the scorching sun. With this cool climate come mosquitoes and several infections.

They are many ‘HERBS’ which can help you prevent several infections and will boost your immunity.According to Ayurveda, ‘What heals also prevents.’ We can find these herbs in our kitchen itself. Eight herbs that can help you fight against all the infections are

Basil/ Tulsi: The most important herb of all times “Tulsi” which is found in every household. This herb has many antibiotic properties. It helps you prevent skin infections, Treats cold and great source of Vitamin K.  Drinking two to three cups of Tulsi tea can boost your immune system.

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Turmeric: Turmeric is an old Indian spiced which are the most powerful herbs of all. There are so many healing properties ranging from boosting immunity to being anti-inflammatory. We can include them in our food, milk to get all the benefits.

Triphala: As the name suggests, Triphala is the combination of three herbs (Amla, Beheda, and Harde). Amla is excellent of the source of Vitamin C, has a cooling effect that manages the functioning of the liver and the immune system. Beheda herb is very good for treating cough and clearing congestion. Harde is good for digestion.

Licorice: Licorice root is known for its medical properties. The root is used for heart burn, food poisoning, stomach ulcers. It can speed the repair of the stomach lining and restore balance.

Garlic: Consuming garlic every day helps in lowering cholesterol levels due to its anti-oxidant properties of Allicin present in it. It also regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Ginger: The root is the most important herbs. It can be consumed freshly, powdered or in any which way. It can relieve digestion, loss of appetite. Daily intake of ginger tea can heal a sore throat. It also helps deal respiratory infections.

Cinnamon:  The herb is a high source of Antioxidants, fights infections and virus, protects the Dental health and also aids in digestion. It can help prevent cold, itching and throat irritation.

Pepper: Black pepper helps stomach’s ability to digest and improved intestinal health. Pepper is also added to tonics for treating cold and cough.

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