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World Water Day is celebrated on March 22nd every year. We celebrate this day to spread the importance of water. This day is used to highlight the needed for improved access to water, sanitation and hygiene facilities in developing countries.

Why Waste Water is the theme of 2017. Water is one of the important resources in our universe, without water we can’t do anything. From morning to night we need water in our daily activities. Without water on the world, our life will end.

But nowadays people are polluting the water for their needs. No one is recognizing due to our activities our future generations are going to lead their lives with polluted water.  For drinking, cleaning, cooking and for every purpose we need water. For generating electricity and for other purposes we need water.

The 70% of the earth is made of water only, but we have very less amount of fresh water on the earth. So it is our responsibility to save water. Many factories are releasing their waste materials into the fresh water and making the water as useless

 In our world they are many states and countries are suffering from lack of water. Due to insufficient water, there are no crops, no rainfall and finally, they are seeing scarcity. In India, they are many states who are walking for miles to get a bucket of water. Many farmers are committing suicide with the lack of water.

Wasting of water is a sin. So don’t make that sin, save every drop of water because future generations need this water very much. For you we are giving World Water Day 2017 images. You can also check the world water day logo here. To share on Facebook, WhatsApp we have given this UN world water day images. You can also check out the international water day wallpapers here.

On this World Water Day forward these World Water Day pics to all your friends.