The breakdown of the Nuclear Deal between the US and Iran, which happened in 2015, has brought the two at loggerheads. Iran has gone to the highest court of justice in the UN to contest it.

Josef Braml, a German political scientist, however, believes that even if the International court of justice gives its decision in favor of Iran, the US will ignore it. He is of the opinion that Donald Trump is already planning the air strikes.

On being asked about the timing of military strikes, he said, “I assume that the Americans will take military action against Iran later this year. I can’t really imagine an attack with ground troops. Presumably, there will be targeted air strikes to eliminate Iran’s nuclear capabilities.”

The statement from the German political scientist looks quite logical given the fact that the 2015 deal actually helped in preventing a war situation back then. Now that the deal no longer exists with one-sided resignation by America, the possibility of war does arise. The only other option that can avert this war situation according to the German expert is if “US, Israel and Saudi Arabia agree that Iran may, in principle, continue to develop nuclear capacity.”

Ayatollah Khamenei, the Iranian Supreme Leader has also warned his country’s President and cabinet to not rely on European countries on the landmark agreement. He said that Iran should consider taking an extreme step to abandon the deal altogether.

He said, “Iran should give up hope on Europe over economic issues or the nuclear deal. The nuclear deal is a means, not the goal, and if we come to this conclusion that it does not serve our national interests, we can abandon it.”

The European leaders swiftly got into action as soon as Trump declared withdrawal from the historic agreement. The European nations are working hard to keep Iran following the deal terms by making sure that all the economic benefits keep reaching Tehran. However, since the US withdrawal, Iran is enduring economic problems because of the sanctions implemented by the US government.


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