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Twitter may soon introduce Tweet Editing Feature

If you are a Twitter user, you probably done a simple grammar mistake or wrong spelling in a tweet before . And the situation comes like you found an error in the tweet and feel annoying of can’t edit that. Don’t worry the company announced about the Twitter Editing Feature.

A variety of changes had taken place to Twitter in the year 2016. But one of the capabilities that company yet to add is ‘Twitter Editing Feature’ as per the user request. Twitter is one of the rare social networking websites that doesn’t allow the users to edit their content once they shared.

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Jack Dorsey asked Twitter users on Wednesday, “What’s the most important thing you want to see Twitter improve or create in 2017?” In response to this question, Dorsey received requests for an edit feature. In reply to one of these requests, Dorsey asked if the user wanted the edit feature for a limited time frame after posting the tweet or without any time limitation.”

He also added that “This is our most requested feature (today & always). Mostly to quickly fix mistakes and anything beyond would need to show revision history.  The editing feature can be made available exclusively for the verified users on the website.”

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As per the latest reports, the company’s CEO Jack Dorsey says that the Twitter Editing Feature needed heading into 2017.  And this feature will be made available for everyone. Even though the announcement of adding the edit option made but there is no option of introducing the feature right away.

Hence we have to wait what form it actually takes and when it will finally add to the social networking website.