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The leading bank in the Country, ICICI is looking to improve its customer care support and user experience. To achieve this, ICICI is teaming up with social media giant Twitter to develop a swing of digital customer car support features for themselves. If it goes well, millions of its clients get benefits along with a direct online response to their queries and feedback in real-time.

ICICI Bank is the first bank in the country to implement the new features to its Twitter account @ ICICIBank_Care for customer care.

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Arvinder Gujral, Senior Director, Business Development, Asia Pacific, Twitter, in a statement, said, “We are collaborating with ICICI to improve the better user experience for the bank. With the latest customer care features, we hope the bank officials and as well as bank users will see great experience in their digital commitment and stronger customer relationships as a result.”

The ICICI bank has started the support indicator, which is the “message button” and set in deep links for moving a talk from public to private thereby allowing customers to provide feedback on a service interaction. The new features are available to businesses globally.

The Twitter said, “We are developing customer feedback support and user interface through our system partners. The customer support settings have been changed and introducing new support indicators and the message buttons on a new user support settings page on the Twitter Dashboard Website.”

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Sujit Ganguli, Senior General Manager, ICICI Bank said, “This initiative is in line with our idea of ‘KhayaalAapka’ wherein we offer facilities that make banking a pleasing experience for our valued customers.”