Gmail is one of the best email service developed by Google which created by Paul Buchheit and was launched about 14 years ago to allow users to access their emails either online. With a storage of 50 megabytes in size, allowing various other features to improve its performance the app uses its home built apps i.e., google drive to send larger files. It makes use of labels/tags to better its performance and make it convenient for the users to delete, upload or manage files.

If you are yet to own a google account yet then do have a look on how to create a gmail account on web,

Firstly Go to >> click on create account >> a sign up page appears >> fill in your details >> accept the privacy policy >> click next >> option for recovery email >> gmail is successfully created.

If you want to logout of account then you don’t need to Delete/Remove it, just sign-out and you’re out of your Gmail account. Well, it’s completely different on your Android phone where you need to remove the account and no option to sign back again, this could be a daunting task delaying your work. Let’s have a look at how to sign out of Gmail on Android.


If you have purchased a new phone, and you might want to access play store and other apps, basically just to operate and access other apps we usually have to sign in to one of our Google account which logs us into our Gmail account. Android allows us to add multiple gmail accounts. But the problem with signing to Gmail in Android is we cannot sign out, like how we do on web. We need to remove our account from the android phone.

Below are the steps you need to follow to know how to sign out of Gmail on Android,

Go to settings >> accounts >> other accounts >> go to Google >> In the top right tap more >> click on remove account and now your account has been deleted from the Gmail app.

Almost all users keep different Gmail accounts for different purposes and though Gmail made it easy to manage it on Android phones. The option of removing an account has been still troubling the users since long.

The company has always been updating the app to make it easy for the users, with it’s features including the new design along with an easy way to manage your inbox and outbox, and a set of inline action buttons to make the task easier and respond faster, with so many updated features, now, the users are waiting for an addition of a sign out feature.

Technology seems to trend faster than our thoughts and company such as google can never be left behind.Hence, now the company is quickly fixing the bugs to make a more pleasurable experience for users.


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