The Saudi Arabia Education Ministry permits girls to participate in sports in public schools. s a part of physical education, the Saudi Arabia Ministry of education on Tuesday took prominent decisions about girls playing sports in public schools. This decision comes after many years of Women fighting for greater rights and access to sports in accordance with Islamic regulations.

Girls playing sports in Saudi Arabia is always been a controversial topic for many years. Due to the suppression of female participation in sport by conservative Islamic Religious authorities.

The initiative taken by Saudi, to allow girls to play sports is considered one of the significant steps in Saudi Arabia. Four years ago, Saudi Arabia earlier allowed sports for girls in private schools. With the permission of their parents the idea however worked out.

Despite of increased Opportunities for Saudi women, the restrictions still exists. Women performing exercise is still seen as a non performing act.

Four years ago, Saudi 2012 Summer Olympics team has female athletes for the time ever.

Playing sports has always been a luxury for those women who can afford it and whose families approve it. Many private sports clubs have come up over the years, allowing some women to join in female basketball leagues.

Recently, Saudi Arabia has permitted some licenses for female-only gyms, but the cost of membership is beyond the reach.

The female-only University in the capital, Riyadh has a large gym along with outdoor soccer pitches, running tracks and indoor swimming pools.

The Education Ministry said the decision is taken keeping the Vision 2030 plan in mind, a global government plan to improve society and the economy. It is being headed by the Kingdom’s young heir to the throne, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The main aim of this plan is to encourage all the citizens in sports and other athletic activities. Currently only 13% people in Saudi Arabia exercise once in a week. The government is aiming to increase up to 40%.