The new teaser advertisement is posted on YouTube by Samsung Mobile Korea, and the people are curious about future smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which gets a chance to play Sherlock Holmes. The fast moving video offers the clues to the new features that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will exclusively offer. So, this is the time for you to find them. We will play Watson and lend a hand.

The video posted on Wednesday on the YouTube channel Samsung Mobile Korea. This clip starts with a quick montage of various methods to unlock the phone like lock screen patterns and fingerprint sensor. The suggestions seem to have techniques which are the old hat that the Samsung Note 7 will have something more cutting edge in the store. Does this new future phone come with Iris scanning, maybe? (We thought about in that direction with other clues earlier this month).

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The source from Korean says that the reference from the video shows about “complex” or “complicated” passwords. An iris scanner will unlock the phone when you look at it, and this will be simpler for using.

After this, you can see the young woman lying on the bed and trying to capture a sexy selfie with the help of some temporary lighting. She puts a light bulb and has laid out the string of the LED light near to her face. Could this mean that Samsung Note 7 will have the front-facing flashlight, or the screen will go all white, which is common these days for non-front facing flashlight phones.

The sales of the Samsung smartphones has hit by sluggish, but there is heavy demand for the Samsung S7, which has staged the revival in the revenue over past couple of quarters.

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The company is similarly counting on the same rebound to trigger the sales for the Samsung Note 7 smartphones.

Samsung has already revealed that it will unveil the next Galaxy Note at a launch event in New York City on August 2.