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Punjab Elections 2017 Exit Polls  & Opinion Polls, Survey and Prediction

The political fortunes of the Shiromani Akali Dal and Congress are going to be unveiled on Saturday. It is more interesting to see the fight between the Shiromani Akali Dal-BJP alliance, Congress and debutant AAP. The election held will decide the elected member and lead among the 117 assembly seats. Recent Punjab Assembly election 2017 Exit polls state the alliance continues to take the lead for the third time.

The Akali Dal-BJP alliance which is ruling Punjab since 2007 likely to take power at third short too. Unluckily, INC, which is do-or-die situation remains in the same old position. The new bee in the state, AAP is likely to grab decent space in Punjab Politics. However, the suspense will be revealed by the noon on Saturday.

Triangular competition is observed between the contestants in most of the seats. Meanwhile, the Akali Dal-BJP is in a spirit to a hat-trick, Congress is sure about staging a comeback with a comfortable majority. Beside this, AAP has emerged as a powerful contender for the traditional parties.

Punjab Elections 2017 Survey and Prediction

*will update on live Keep Refreshing ..

Pollsters BJP+AKL Cong AAP Others
C-voter 13 45 63 0-3
Axis-My India 4-7 62-71 42-51 0-2
India News MRC 7 55 55 0-2
News Nation N.A N.A N.A N.A
Today’s Chanakya 9 N.A 54 0

Leaders of all parties, in private conversations, are afraid of seeing a hung house.

Punjab Chief Electoral Officer V.K. Singh said on Thursday that all arrangements had been made for the counting of votes.

“Over 14,000 officials will be involved in the counting process in 54 counting centers at 27 locations,” he said.

Punjab recorded a high voter turnout of 77.4 percent in the February 4 election to decide the fate of 1,145 candidates, including 81 women and transgender.

Female voters took the lead with 78.14 percent turnout, compared to 76.69 per cent by males. Of the total 1,98,78,654 registered electors in Punjab, there were 1,05,03,108 male voters and 93,75,546 female voters.