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The newly elected CM Manohar Parikar presented the budget of the state Goa on Friday. After the Parker come back as CM, prices on petrol and beer are set for a hike in the state. The new government increases the prices on the major two components of Goa’s tourism economy. Also, Parikar government promised to make tourism-focused state garbage-free by 2020. Besides that, the government is also planning to link all the social welfare schemes to Aadhar.

The price of petrol in the state will go up and reaches Rs 65 after the hike in VAT tax by 8 percent. However, fuel costs remains less when compared to neighboring states. The price of the bulk beer hike by Rs. 4 and reaches Rs. 24 per liter. Hiked prices are applied on beer both manufactured in the state and imported within or outside the country. Also, the CM said that the excise duty on beer would be hiked as well and license fee will be Rs 1 lakh for high-end spirit additives.

Aadhaar Made Mandatory for all Mobile Users and for New Mobile Phone Connections

Linking all social welfare schemes to Aadhaar isn’t a big deal as the state has nearly 100% enrolment in the identification scheme. This eventually leads to BJP’s push towards making Aadhaar mandatory to avail various government benefits and processes.

Parrikar claims his government aims to make Goa “beggar-free and garbage-free by 2020”. Bags made of plastic bags made of microns less than 40 in thickness have been banned. On the other hand, the state announced bus system to improve public transport and better service delivery to citizens.