Mozilla FireFox 55

Mozilla reveals its latest version Mozilla Firefox 55 with upgraded features. The new changes in Mozilla browser will help the user to experience faster browsing.

The biggest up-gradation is the number of tabs supported in tabbed browsing. The latest version, Mozilla Firefox 55 supports over 1,000 tabs with ease without any interruption. Mozilla also made its browser much faster while restoring tabs after closing the session suddenly. The new Firefox 55 provides screenshot icon on the toolbar. The screenshot icon enables users to capture a region by clicking and dragging it manually.

In its blog, Mozilla mentioned that it took eight minutes to restore above 1500 tabs in the older version of the browser, but Firefox 55 takes only takes 15 seconds to complete the task. Along with rapid restoring, Mozilla also improved the speed of the search. The new browser introduced in-website search into a platform where users can search for any query, and the app displays the websites in search results.

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Top search engines like Yahoo, Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, etc. are supported by the browser. However, they can be customized from setting menu. In addition, a new click-to-activate Flash Player is introduced which allows the individual program to run.

Firefox launches the new version for 64-bit Windows users. The makers of the Mozilla advise users to uninstall the older version and install Firefox 55 for better 64-bit support.

The biggest update is the introduction of WebVR to the browser adding support for the VR over the web. This platform helps web browsers to function with VR headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Browsers like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome added WebVR support earlier this year.

Firefox 55 comes with VR goggles, on clicking enables VR mode. The WebVR will support any VR goggles so that the user need not bring new equipment. Mozilla becomes the first browser to support WebVR.

As Mozilla says, “Once you find a web game or app that supports VR, you can experience it with your headset just by clicking the VR goggles icon visible on the internet page. You can navigate and control VR experiences with handset controllers and your movements in physical space.”

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