Android O

After going through four developer previews, Android O is just a few days away for the launch. Google’s new Operating System (OS) is rumored to be released on August 21st with many new features.

Google released Android O developer preview four last month. The preview let  the makers to complete total development of the app, testing, fixing bugs and optimizations and the final Application Planning Interface.

Dave Burke, Android’s Vice President of engineering posted in a blog, the developer preview 4 for Android O, will be the last preview before the release of last final version of the customers. He also mentioned that the full form of Android O would also be released on 21st.

With the official roll out of Android O, Pixel and Nexus devices will be the first to get the update. Other Android phones will take some time to get the new update.There will seven new features coming to your smartphone with the Android O update.

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Picture-in-Picture mode: The new Picture-in-Picture mode allows the user to perform two tasks simultaneously. For ex: users can do video calls and work on a different app at the same time.

Notification Badges: This feature in common in Apple iPhone. Now users will able to see the count of notification at the corner of the app icon without opening. They can turn off the notification badges from Settings app.

Smart Text Selection: Android O powered smartphone will now able to select texts by just tapping and recognize it as address, email, or contact number and show related option.

System Optimizations: Android O is designed to make the apps run faster and smoother. It has made Changes in runtime including concurrent compacting garbage collection, code locality and more for the development.

Battery Boost: Android O will bring new limits on background location and Wi-Fi scans which help to increase battery life and clear up more RAM on the device.

Auto fill with Google Chrome: This will make it easy to set up a new device and synchronize authentication details. Initially, only a few apps will be supported with this feature.

New Home screen for Android TV: Android TV will be arriving with Android O. This app makes it easy to find, preview and watch.

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