In a shocking technological move towards advancement, 8Base, a startup based out of Miami, Florida has introduced a platform, which is developed using the founding principles of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. It allows a software developer to build advanced software applications without deploying any software code. This application was developed in order to speed up the process of building the software application and host it simultaneously.

Previously, software companies essentially took more time to deploy software applications successfully so that it is fit for future use. Now with the launch of the technologically advanced platform, companies will be able to improve their productivity and lessen their technical competency, which is required to develop applications.

If you happen to be more comfortable building software applications using the traditional method, the developers at 8Base give you that flexibility to develop the application as per your convenience. Once you are done, you can easily deploy and host the application on the company’s serverless environment or use Blockchain technology to run the application.

As per Andrei Anisimov, the vice president of 8Base, the company developed the platform with the aim to support the software development platform, which can easily run on blockchain or artificial intelligence technologies.

Apart from the codeless technology platform, the company is currently developing 8Base Blockchain that aims to create a decentralized network, which is widely supported by developers across the world because of its amazing utility.

8Base’s founder Albert Santalo said in a statement - “We recognize that neither 8base by itself, nor any other software company that follows the ‘walled garden’ approach, can drive this transformation alone. Instead, 8base delivers an open platform that harnesses the power of software authors, contributors, and users into a unified, curated effort. By creating a network effect, software is propelled forward in an unprecedented manner.”

The company also plans to inculcate a reputation management system that is created to gift the participants for their valuable contribution towards the growth of the system. A reputation score will also be additionally assigned to developers such that this act is a social trust mechanism. As per trusted sources, the company is all set to roll out 8Base tokens, which will be given to reward the members of the community.


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