J & K mid-term exam dates

J&K Board of School Education: Continuous protests are going on in Jammu and Kashmir by the students against the management for over a month now. However, the state government has announced the mid-term examination dates on Friday for class V to higher secondary level students. DSEK announces mid-term exam dates would be from June 5th to 12th

The examinations for classes X and XII used to be optional till now. Unlike the previous practice, the exams for classes X and XII are declared mandatory in June this time.

G N Itoo, Director of J&K Board of School stated that the order is a part of the conventional scheme which got notified in November last year and by making Golden Test (mid-term exams) mandatory, the quality can get emphasized, and teachers will be accountable. He stated that the class work remained average in half a dozen schools in Sri Nagar. When asked about disruption in the previous academic year, he ensured that necessary steps are taken to overcome the losses incurred to the schools in that time.

Recently the news came out about the announcement made by the state government that only students with 90 or above the percentage of attendance only are eligible to write the exams. The order has been passed to all the schools to calculate the attendance of students from May 15th until the notification of examinations got issued.

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